Take care of your body.
It’s the only place you have to live.

Your body speaks and we listen. Our team of BFIT BODYWISE™ specialists have been called body whisperers. Our custom assessment reveals your bad habits that cause it. Then create a personalized plan to restore your good health and vitality.

We’re more than a massage, we’re a body awakening

We create your personalized body care plan, incorporating massage, stretching and at-home exercises to completely revitalize and strengthen your body’s muscles. Having an aligned body improves flexibility, reduces inflammation, and helps restore your energy. 




Optimize Your Body to Maximize Your Talent

Whether it’s your office talent, athletic talent, or both!

When it comes to massage, normally you see a list of massage types and choose one. Well at BFIT BODYWISE, we flip the whole concept. We evaluate your physical condition, learn where it hurts and what you want improved.

Then we customize your three part solution:

•Revitalize with Massage & Stretch

•Reactivate Balance & Flexibility

•Restore Strength

This includes hand-crafted massages, full body assisted stretching, and strength exercises. Together, you get more than just a massage, you get the full body workout to bring alive your muscles and turn back the hands of time.

Our BFIT BODYWISE plan is tailored for your body and lifestyle

Everybody and every body is different. This is why we don’t believe in the one-massage-fits-all approach. We pay close attention to your body’s needs and assist you in understanding any detrimental habits that might have caused or contribute to chronic pain in the future.

We’re perfect for:

  • Being Fit
  • Office athletes
  • Tennis, Golf & other sports athletes
  • People suffering from muscle aches and pains
  • Reducing age related muscle stiffness
  • Improving flexibility and energy levels
  • Reducing stress and tension

Benefits of BFIT BODYWISE:

  • Feeling lighter with increased energy
  • Improved flexibility and strength
  • Better quality of sleep and waking up more refreshed
  • Feeling centered and balanced
  • Calming of the mind and reduced anxiety
  • Feeling happier and more grounded

How BFit Bodywise Works:

BODYFIT™ Assessment

You start with a BODYWISE™ Assessment to evaluate your muscle condition. This allows us to personalize your massage and stretch sessions to target weak or stiff muscles, improve flexibility, and improve balance and strength.

Massage & Stretch Session

Balance & Flex Class

Strength Class (With Bands)

BFit Pricing

All plans include customized Bodywise™ Assessment upon joining and after completing one full month.
BFit Bolt: 1 Weekly Visit
$150per week
  • One weekly massage and stretch sessions, and unlimited BFit Balance & Flex sessions.
BFit Bonanza: 5 Weekly Visits
$475per week
  • Five weekly massage and stretch sessions, and unlimited BFit Balance & Flex sessions.

Drop-in price: $180

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